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All our treatments are based on the bio psychosocial approach.
This perspective is based on the understanding that, illness is not the same as disease, but it is a subjective experience. Individuals with the ‘same’ disease can differ in their experiences of illness, well-being and quality of life – and responses to treatment. The illness experience is affected by personality factors, lifestyle, socioeconomic and psycho-social resources, social support.

People vary in their coping strategies, motivation, desire for information and control. Our therapists are more than just ‘hands-on’ practitioners – they enable clients to become an active member of the treatment team.

Our team also helps families/ care-givers to use their own resources, gain information, stay motivated, focus on personally meaningful goals, and to learn coping skills.


During your first appointment, a comprehensive consultation is carried out by an experienced physiotherapist. This will enable us to confirm the diagnosis. Your therapist will discuss the outcome of assessment with you and then formulate a treatment plan. This will consist of individual sessions and possibly a choice of workshops in our well-equipped rehab-gymnasium at a later date as appropriate.

We use varieties of treatment modalities based on latest research evidence. Manipulation, joint and soft tissue mobilization and, electrotherapy including ultrasound, interferential therapy, traction, acupuncture, exercise therapy to improve muscle strength, flexibility and core stability are some of the treatments we offer for our clients with joint and muscle problems. Prevention of recurrences is the core principle on which our treatments are based.


Sports injuries
At Sherwood, our sports physiotherapist with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries will see you. Our knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology enables us to not only assess your specific injury but your overall posture, alignment and muscle balance. This is essential in the prevention of further injury and to optimize your performance as an athlete.

Assessment and Treatment
Within the assessment we will take a thorough history and carry out various tests in order to give you a diagnosis and enable us to continue with the treatment plan. We also have excellent links with orthopaedic consultants, specialising in a particular field. This enables us, where necessary, to refer you for further investigation such as x-rays or an MRI scan so that an accurate diagnosis can be made as quickly as possible. Use of electrotherapy modalities within the initial inflammatory period will reduce the tissue trauma and decrease pain. In the next stage of treatment we aim to restore full movement, strength and proprioception, (the nerve- muscle connection). We can do this with a range of techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilisation, manipulation, strapping/taping, stretching, and specific exercise rehabilitation programmes. 

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    Spinal, muscular and joint problems
    At Sherwood, one of the most common problems we encounter are clients presenting with back and/or neck pain. Indeed more than 2 million people a year will visit their GP with a new episode of back pain (National Back Pain Association).
    Back pain is one of the most disabling musculoskeletal conditions, from localised muscle spasm which can limit all movement in the back, to referred pain like “sciatica”.

    At Sherwood Clinic, we have a team of chartered musculo-skeletal physiotherapists, acupuncturist and podiatrist who specialize in the treatment of these conditions, to STOP PAIN and PREVENT REOCCURENCES!
    Through years of experience and evidence based on most current research, we believe that a combination of manual treatment and muscle re-education is the most effective treatment. Manual treatment such as manipulation, joint and soft tissue mobilisation, muscle energy techniques and other modalities including electrotherapy and acupuncture help restore normal movement and eliminate pain.

    Our pain management extends to a specific and  individually tailored muscle re-education as well as rehabilitation programme, where following pain relief with therapies and in some instances following injection therapy ( steroid and anti inflammatory injections in the joint), we support you to restore the correct control and timing in the stabilising muscles to ensure long term stability as well as improving your stamina. The aim is to work with YOU to develop your skills in managing your condition successfully to avoid recurrences.

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    Postural problems
    At Sherwood, we are able to carry out an assessment of your posture/alignment and muscle function even if you don’t have pain, to ensure that you have a healthy body. If you spend long periods at your desk you should have an ergonomic assessment.

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    Heart Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation for patients with heart conditions is a service provided exclusively  at Sherwood.
    80-90% of people suffering with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) have one or more major risk factors influenced by lifestyle. Physical activity, obesity, smoking and diabetes are major risk factors for CHD.

    Many people find making significant lifestyle changes can be difficult. For example, people may be addicted to nicotine; and if someone recently been admitted to the hospital with CHD  need to increase the amount of physical activity they  undertake regularly, not only do they need to be well motivated but they and their families need to be confident that the exercise is safe.

    Cardiac rehabilitation can promote recovery, enable patients to achieve and maintain better health and most importantly reduce the risk of death in people who have heart disease(31% in the exercise only cardiac rehabilitation and 26% in comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation groups: Cochrane review 2004).

    At Sherwood, depending on the assessment of your heart health, individualized  and/or small group exercise programmes, dietary plans, specific treatment for smoking cessation and counseling is provided.

    For more information about our heart rehabilitation services contact our reception (0208 869 0000).
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    Breathing disorders and Respiratory Rehabilitation
    Management of patients with breathing disorders is a service provided exclusively at Sherwood.
    At Sherwood, we have the expertise and facilities to assess and treat patients with chronic respiratory conditions such as

    ronchitis and emphysema



     We organize and provide pulmonary rehabilitation programme to suit the individual conditions. We are exclusive providers of specialist treatment for breathing disorder known as “ hyperventilation syndrome” .

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    Stroke and neurological rehabilitation
    For our clients with neurological disorders such as


    Parkinson’s Disease

    Multiple sclerosis

    Peripheral neuropathy

    Our highly skilled neuro physiotherapists may chose very specific treatment techniques including the Bobath approach and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) techniques.
    We can also arrange a specialist occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions deemed appropriate.
    We are able to visit the clients at home to elicit the treatment at an early stage in their own environment (see home visiting).
    We have excellent links with the neurologists which helps to provide a seamless care.
    For more information about our neuro-rehabilitation services contact reception
    ( 0208 869 0000).

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    Children’s conditions
    Paediatric physiotherapy specifically addresses the needs of children from birth to adolescence. The Sherwood Clinic specialises in this type of physiotherapy and  has also developed a service specifically for respiratory conditions in babies and children which can help to avoid the need for hospitalisation in many cases if treated in time. Asthma, chest infection and cystic fibrosis are some of the respiratory conditions which can be helped by a paediatric physiotherapist.
    Some of the children’s conditions seen by our paediatric physiotherapist at Sherwood are:

    Cerebral palsy

    Delayed development

    RAD syndrome

    Williams syndrome

    Muscular dystrophies such as Duchenne’s.

    For more information about our paediatric -rehabilitation services contact reception (0208 869 0000).

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    Women's Health
    Women’s health specialist Physiotherapists address a variety of problems related to pregnancy. They also treat certain gynaecological conditions. Some of the pregnancy related conditions treated at Sherwood are :

    Back Pain

    Sacro-iliac pain

    Hip pain

    Carpal tunnel


    Symphysis pubis dysfunction

    Rectus diastases

    Stress & urge Incontinence

     We also help with conditions such as  incontinence, minor prolapse, recovery following abdominal surgery, hysterectomy, scarring and adhesions post-surgery.
    Our adherence to bio-psychosocial approach advocates extension of care to  specific exercise programmes and clinical pilates to improve strength, stamina and avoid recurrences.

    Antenatal and Post natal physiotherapy
    Our women’s health specialist physiotherapist and midwife run an educative and practical complete antenatal workshop for parents to be. The aim of this workshop is:


    Women commonly experience muscle and joint pain post-natally and can suffer with Weakness of the lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles in both vaginal and caesarian deliveries. Some of the post –natal conditions treated at Sherwood are: Pelvic floor muscle weakness, prolapse and stress incontinence, lower back pain, thoracic spine pain, neck and upper shoulder pain and stiffness, sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

    Baby massaging
    Delivered by a physiotherapist this course aims to promote bonding, nurturing, touch and communication through practical sessions so that parents, caregivers and children are loved and respected.
    For more information about our women’s health services or to book for antenatal workshop or a baby massage session, contact reception (0208 869 0000).

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    Home visiting
    Our expertise in elderly rehabilitation includes assessment of whole body system. We are able to see clients at home in their own environment  and treat multipathology problems such as:

    stroke and heart condition

    acute and chronic respiratory problems such as bronchitis or chest infection

    reduced mobility

    recovery following a surgery

    Palliative care


     We will liaise with the GP’s, local services, care-givers to provide a very professional and seamless service.

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