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Concept of Abhyanga -Ayurvedic Massage :

Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India means “knowledge of life”. The Ayurvedic definition of health is that state in which the structure and function of an individual is operating optimally and the individual is in a state of physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium.

The human body is made up of several organs, tissues and systems which perform various functions essential for maintaining the life process.  The basic structural unit of life is a single cell with its cell membrane which covers a range of dynamic sub-cellular structures. The cell membrane is responsible for the dynamic function of the molecular transport system. All the visceral organs are lined by a dynamic membrane system and the entire bodily membrane system is designed to function in a rhythmic continuuam. Ayurveda propounds a comprehensive concept of innumerable channels within the body –srotas” similar to the contemporary concept of micro transport system. A srotas is a macro or a micro structure which may have space within, with or without contents, may have openings, and which has inherent tendency to vibrate and move. From a single cell to the large system channels in the body, there is a continuous membrane system in our body responsible for all biological activities.

By continuous use, wear and tear, environmental pollution, stress and many such insults there is a natural tendency to disruption, damage and blockage of the srotas. The Panchkarma therapy is a unique treatment concept of Ayurveda, essentially designed to restore the integrity of the srotas system in the body in health and disease.

Application of oil to the skin followed by massage in specific directions is known as “Abhyanga” in Ayurveda. Abhyanga improves circulation, facilitates the removal of toxins from the tissues, relieves physical and mental fatigue, betters the functioning of musculoskeletal system, clears stiffness and heaviness in the body and leads to feeling of lightness. Further when the oil is selected based on the Ayurvedic assessment, it helps to treat the disease along with the rest of the therapy plan provided by the Ayurveda consultant. The beneficial effect of Abhyanga in the management of conditions such as stroke, nerve palsies such as peripheral neuropathies, facial palsy, cervical neuralgia, sciatica is unequivocal.

At the Sherwood Clinic in harrow, we have the unique expertise of a specialized Ayurveda consultant prescribing specific Abhyanga based on your unique constitution and your health.